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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 5, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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a near disaster. take a look at this video. a bouncy house airborne after a gust of wind with kids inside. record-breaking weekend of hot weather. triple-digit temperatures in a number of big cities. a day at the races. royal newlyweds in public for the first time since the honeymoon. did the happy couple have luck on their side. we promise we'll show you the right video for that. i know you want to see kate and wills. a surprising statement from a leading democrat to sarah palin's chances of entering the white house in 2012. i'm alex wit. welcome to "msnbc sunday." a weekend of dangerous heat in the south and southwest. some spots, temperatures 15 degrees higher than normal. we're in houston, texas with
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janet shamlian. >> it's 82 degrees right now, alex. but it will be 100 degrees. we have a long way to go not just here in texas, where you might expect those kinds of temperatures. anywhere on the map, there is questionable weather. expecting torrential rains in the san francisco area. north and south dakota, and that swollen missouri river will cause flooding there. and in parts of the country, it feels like mid august. we're two weeks away from the official start of summer. it's way too early for this. across the country, a late-spring heat wave. records set and broken from st. louis to baltimore. even in the always-steamy lone-star state, man and his best friends looking for ways to beat the heat. in chicago, a half marathon was stopped mid race due to the heat. at least one person died.
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temperatures right now feel like the middle of july, rather than the beginning of june. this is a little too early for some of this heat, pest eshlly for those of us who don't want to turn up the ac quite so soon. >> tinder box conditions in arizona are fueling wildfires burning near the new mexico border. more than 2,000 people have been told they are in the danger zone and have evacuated their homes. >> a fire is burning pretty fast and it's pretty large and what is it, 200,000 acres already? and moving. so it's -- it's a big fire. >> in parts of north dakota and south dakota, the swollen missouri river is flooding neighborhoods faster than they can fill sandbags. the flow of water from heavy rain and melting snow is also targeting iowa and missouri and in the san francisco area, they are bracing for torrential rain over the next few days that could shatter a record set in 1884. over in kansas, flash floods have already taken their toll. now the ugly job of cleaning it
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all up. >> my floor is covered still probably a quarter inch of water and mud. it's really slick. >> reporter: temperatures are not to the point where they are opening shelters or there is huge demand on the power grid, but, alex, if you continue with this pattern a few more days, it could come to that. this is early june. these are the temperatures we expect to see in july and early august. >> two more weeks until summer begins. my heavens. we'll check with you next hour. we will have your sunday forecast in a few minutes and check weather conditions any time at a near disaster captured on tape at a soccer club at new york's long island. three inflatable bouncy houses with kids inside. that one was lifted a dozen feet or so in air. several people on the ground were knocked over. and david ushery has details.
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>> reporter: as she showed reporters the burn marks on her neck, lara rhadigan explained what happened when the inflatable bounce house was suddenly blown into the sky. >> a rope got caught on my neck and dragged me over. and then it finally got off. >> the bouncy house fell on me, then i got hurt by my nose and my knee. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: take a look although video posted on youtube that shows what appears to be the inflatable slide part of the attraction really tumbling around. >> stay here. >> reporter: short al of the accident, workers quickly deb e deflated the bounce house and rolled it up. but the unlikely image stayed on the minds of baffled and frightened parents. >> i saw the slide blowing in the wind. and i just -- i couldn't believe it. it is like something out of a
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movie. >> it came up in the air with a gust of wind and as that was flying up in the air, crashed up into the next bouncy house which crashed into the next bouncy house and they were flying through the air, knocking people over and kind of just tumbling, tumbling, tumbling. >> i tried to catch it, it just flattened me. came to a stop. people trying to grab onto it. >> i just ran and by the time i got there, the other rides were blowing away, kids being knocked over and there were just kids lying everywhere. >> 13 people taken to local hospitals, most of the injuries, fortunately, not serious. to politics, former dnc chair howard dean with a warning to democrats, especially with the economy where it is now. any republican candidate who wins the nomination could take the white house. when i spoke to him earlier today, he said while a long shot, sarah palin could be that candidate. >> d do i think it's possible that
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sarah palin could win? absolutely. she represents an extreme fringe. i would make probably romney the front-runner, huntsman is the most formidable candidate. pallenty has a shot. but palin could sneak up there. >> dean said while huntson could be strong in the general election, the support of gays could hurt him in the primaries. what do you think? find me at alex witt. and protests have turned to celebrations now thas the president leaves yemen. yemeni state police is showing the results of that attack. and police in pakistan say six people are dead and ten hurt after a bomb attack at a bus stand.
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no one has claimed responsibility for that blast, which follows reports that top al qaeda officer ilyas kashmiri was killed. new signs american could be pulling fewer troops out of afghanistan this summer. robert gates is in afghanistan and recommends just modest troop withdrawals. what is the latest on the troop drawdown? >> the big question what does modest really mean? this is about maintaining gains that have been made by nato forces in terms of security and territory. we just got a report back from the group of reporters that is traveling with secretary gates, he visited troops in kandahar. he said nobody wants to give up the gains that have been won at such hard costs and nobody wants to give them the excuse to run for the exits this is part of the call clak nah military
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commanders will look at what this number will be in july and what the makeup will be. and gates told reporters if it were up to him, he would leave the shooters until last, maintain u.s. and nato forces combat capabilities as much as possible, maybe by withdrawing more support personnel in july. he said there is not a lot of support personnel there. it will have to be some sort of mix and ultimately this recommendation will come from general david petraeus who command forces there. we don't know what the numbers will be. no one at the white house has given any indication. but this farewell tour of gates comes ahead of the president's monthly meetings on after began stan and pakistan policy. that meeting set for tomorrow. we can certainly expect part this to be part of the discussion. >> thank you. we're learning more about the missile strike in pakistan that may have killed a terrorist that was talked about as a possible replacement for osama
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bin laden. the attack against ilyas kashmiri came a month after the death of osama bin laden. joining us is a terrorism analyst. how important was ilyas kashmiri? >> he was considered by many as the prime candidate to succeed bin laden. he was a known operative and been involved in many terrorist attacks in pakistan, in the trouble areas. a proven performer, good relations with al qaeda and some of the associated troops out there, thirdly, he'd been tapped to start organizing the export tax to international targets, been indicted for his involvement to plot a danish newspaper. he was a major player. this is a significant blow. a good one for the u.s. >> this is not just emother-in-law, psychology. this was an operational mastermind. with him being gone, do we feel
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safer? >> this is a major step forward, alex. and this continues the momentum after the bin laden killing, and also shows the u.s. and pakistan working together again. as much as that relationship is very strained, here they are working together with a predator operation in waj iri zahn and part of the reason they are able to get this guy, he was moving because he was concerned about a planned pakistani military operation in northern waj zirisn this is a major accomplishment. it doesn't have the sex appeal of a bin laden killing, fwhut is very significant. >> can you put in perspective how badly al qaeda is hurt? >> no one can replace kashmiri, but it's another blow to them. they have to be worrying, who is next. bin laden out, kashmiri out, worried about the intelligence takedown from the bin laden operation, that may be tracking these guys, so it will push them
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further to the ground. in other words, they'll be careful about moving, communicating and that will debilitate their operational capabilities. a major step forward again. >> with kashmiri out who is the top competitor to replace bin laden? >> i still think zawahiri real estate remains number two. a couple of egyptians, and kashmiri is a pakistani, not an egyptian, so some thought he might not ascend to the top. i think zawahiri continues to be the figure head and they are scrambling to figure out who can step forward and take al qaeda forward. >> okay. many thanks. >> thank you. more information about record-breaking temperatures across the u.s. as janet shamlian says some areas are experiencing dangerous heat
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friends and family are pleading for the public's help to find a missing northern california nursing student. the michelle lei gathered where her car was found. she disappeared a week ago after leaving her medical shift in hayward. >> all we have to do is believe. because all of these people right here are here for michelle. and just as much as each and every one of us are thinking about her, she is thinking about us. >> whatever it takes to bring us home. >> her family is offering a $40,000 reward. let's get more on the severely hot weather.
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some cities hitting triple-digit temperatures already. let's go to alex wallace. when will we see relief in some of the hotspots, alex? >> i'll tell you, i'm asking the same question. not a big fan of the heat. and, unfortunately, we're dealing with it here. record heat well up into the 90s. triple digits. look at baton rouge and lake charlesful both areas above the century mark. extreme heat for sunday. we'll keep this going through the early week. feeling more like july into august. columbia, south carolina, to the upper 90s. workweek on monday, hotter through the southern plains. central plains states. hundreds out there for you, in the garden city and wichita falls. st. louis, another hot day there, excessive warnings and heat advisories in place through at least tuesday. tuesday for you, san angelo up to around 104 degrees.
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relief not in sight. this has folks thinking and rethinking to have leather seats in the cars. another hot time for the early part of the week. tracking stormy weather for our sunday. here through the middle of the country, parts of missouri to illinois. severe thunderstorm watch until noon, and you can see the storms rumbling on by. some of the threats, hail, damaging winds, and dangerous lightning. alex. >> alex wallace, thank you. let's go to politics and the race for 2012. republicans launched fresh attacks on the president. let's take a listen. >> stay informed. there's a lot of bad information out there. stay informed. because as you know, stupid people are ruining america. >> we have debt piling on debt. we have as much debt now at the federal government level almost as the size of our total economy. this presidency has been a
10:20 am
failure. >> he said he could cut the deficit in half during his first term. did he keep his promise to america? >> okay. i am joined by mort zuckerman for his take. chair and editor in chief of "u.s. news and world report." how vulnerable is president in 2012? >> i think he's quite vulnerable. the two dominant issues i believe will be facing him when he runs for the presidency again is, a, the economy, especially jobs, and, b, the debt and the debt service. the country has become convinced based on the facts that millions of people have mortgages that exceed the value of their homes and credit card lines that they can't pay that debt has consequences. they are concerned about that. even more, they are concerned about the fact that the economy is so weak that so many people are unemployed. and the value of their homes have dropped to a point that
10:21 am
they have lost the largest equity they have. when you have a loss of wealth and a concern over future income, you don't blame the preceding administration that came in before the current administration. that argument will not work. these people were hired by the american public to solve the problem, not to complain about the problems they inherited. >> 9.1% unemployment. we have 17 months to get it done, fix that up. >> the numbers are worse than that. the 9.1% would have applied in an era when people were unemployed for a few weeks, but when the average unemployment is 40 weeks, the only number that counts is u--6 and that's 16% and the number of people that have withdrawn from the labor force is 18%. the real numbers are out there, whether it counts or dozent count and it affects every 1-5
10:22 am
people that are working. you cannot survive those numbers. he has a huge, huge hill to climb. if the republicans nominate somebody who is considered to be an extremist, they may not win, but the issue and the campaign going forward is the economy and this administration's management of the economy. >> i want to get some of the potential names. gop contenders. give me their take, beginning mitt romney. >> i think mitt romney is not seen as someone as the extreme right wing of the party. i think he is considered to be a competent person. he has other real problems, such that he has waivered and shifted his position, and that makes the country feel a little uneasy. you want to know there is someone in the office really able to tell the story, tell it trait and keep to what he tells you. >> he has to win the gop nomination first. can he do that? >> he has a chance. he has a lot of money, name
10:23 am
recognition, he is the highest one in the polls, but the polls, he only has 17% of the republican vote. a lot of people can come into that election and catch fire. >> tim pawlenty? >> he's a solid fellow. he doesn't have kind of a charisma or energy that really captures people, but if the issue in the campaign is going to be obama and management of the economy, somebody that's perceived as a solid person could make that a very close race. >> you talk about charisma. sarah palin. >> sarah palin in my judgment doesn't have the credibility or the intellectual capacity on the base of what she has said and done to be president of the country. it doesn't mean -- she has an enormous impact. she crystalized the whole issue of deficit and debt. the whole tea party movement has
10:24 am
forced itself on the rest of the political community and class. so she's had a very, very strong affect, and my judgment, a good affect in that respect. however, i think you need people who are perceived as a different kind of leader. i mean, jon huntsman, for example, who is an absolutely outstanding individual. extraordinarily intelligent. i barely know him. i've met him several times. extraordinarily impressed with him. >> does he have that charisma? >> yes, he does. when you listen, you realize you're talking to a grownup, somebody who really understand the issues, somebody who is articulate and shown a real record of performance, both as a state governor and an international ambassador to china. >> the president has done a heck of a job, what about her man cain? >> i don't know him well enough. a lot of people coming in the race over the next number of
10:25 am
months, because they see a real opportunity. somebody will emerge, catch fire in the primaries. no misery to me why there is no obvious republican candidate at this stage of the game. nobody knew who obama was before the democratic nomination a couple of years ago. somebody will emerge and we'll see who the republicans nominate. >> last name, michele bachman. >> i don't think she has the experience to be a republican front-runner. >> do you worry about complacency in the white house? >> they are as political group of people as you will ever run into. they are organizing fund-raising. they focus on how they will be able to expand some of their constituencies, they are hopefully aware of what the
10:26 am
politics of everything is. i wouldn't worry about lack of focus on politics. if anything, they are too focused on politics and less focused on long-term interests. >> always great to talk with you, thank you. earlier today, i asked if sarah palin has a shot of winning the white house. here is what you said. classic nigel says seeing how palin can't even get american history right, i wouldn't trust her with the white house. palin will dominate the primary if she gets in, but she has no hope past that. if she runs, then her quitter altitude has to be addressed. no, but, yeah, tell her to go for it. we all are not stupid. owe becama and biden in 2012, yes, they will. tweet me at alex witt. sometimes technology can make your life easier and some can make you look silly.
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the hilarious glitches in language translator apps. a day at the races. did the happy couple bring luck with them to the track. back in three minutes. [ male announcer ] this is james.
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♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. take the scary out of life. 30 past the hour with breaking news this morning. protesters celebrate in yemen, they partied after president saleh left the country for medical treatment in saudi arabia. he left for medical treatment. good morning to you. what is the latest in yemen? >> reporter: good morning. they were celebrating in the streets today. a lot of protesters in sanaa
10:31 am
believe this is a victory, that president saleh left the country. it doesn't necessarily mean that. the saudi government will do its best to convince them to stay out. they offered him and his family immunity, so it's unclear whether or not he will do that. in the interim, there is a power vacuum in that country. multiple factions fighting no get control. not least of which is the government still in power, the vice president, the acting now president of the country in place for president saleh while he's in saudi. >> the extent of his injuries if the pretty significant attack on the presidential compound, do we know what they are? >> reporter: we've heard he has burns on his face and hands. we don't know what the extent of the injuries are. reports were he had to leave the
10:32 am
country. needed treatment elsewhere. i a little unclear whether that was the case. we didn't actually see him. so it's impossible to verify how injured he really is. alex. >> okay. stephanie goss, many thanks. defense secretary robert gates is in afghanistan to say good-bye to u.s. troops. gates retires on june 30th. and in a news conference yesterday, gates said afghans need to step up and take more responsibility for their own security. he also says only modest troop withdrawals make sense this summer since afghanistan is still unstable. president obama is expected to make an announcement on troop withdrawal next week. this connecticut senior is getting have his moment in the sun. we'll show it to you on msnbc sunday.
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new this morning, the white house is attempting to play down friday's jobs report that showed the unemployment rate rising to 9.1%. >> make too much of any one month's job report. they are highly variable. we have moved a long way from when the economy is in a rescue mode. private sector is in free fall and the government is the only thing standing between discuss falling into another great depression. john dalt, good sunday morning to up. >> hi, alex. >> jobless americans and voters combined. are they convinced by that argument? >> not unless things start to get better in the months ahead. what people are looking for is a pattern. and no single month matters, but
10:37 am
all those comments do, getting us from this month to the next one. if over the next six months, you see continued deterioration, then president is in a world of hurt politically. if you see things stabilizing, even at an an eemic level, a closely contested election, and if things are getting better, which i don't think is likely, obama is easily re-elected. a >> at when point -- you mentioned six months. at what point is there no chance of turning back? that's the timing that will decide the 2012 election. how much time does the american public have to take this all in and head to the polls? >> that's a really great question that people inside the political world talk about all
10:38 am
the time. there is no right answer, there is a general sense by the summer of next year, a year from now, things will be baked in the cake. that it will be very hard to get credit for economic improvements that take place after the summer. i read a book about roosevelt a few years ago, and in the fall of 1932. september, october 1932, when hebert hoover was running for re-election, the economy got considerably better, but it was too late. >> absolutely. what kind of conversations do you think is happening inside the white house about the economy and what to do about it? >> they talk about it all the time. >> what tone? panic, uncertainty? >> it is neither panic or confidence. i think they understand that in a lot of ways, events are beyond their control. in other words, they pushed through this historic stimulus
10:39 am
package, $787 billion, the fed did this qe-2 policy that pumped in hundreds of billions in the economy, and then a number of other things. and they essentially -- there is not much else in the short term that they can do. >> now, they know that -- >> short of things that will hurt the economy, many things that will hurt the economy. so if this debt ceiling business gets out of control, alex, and you have that -- anywhere close to a default or even just a terribly negative market reaction which is likely if they don't get serious about this very soon, then the economy gets worse, so i think right now the white house is focused on preventing things from getting worse, not from trying to dine some big spending program that they know won't go through congress. >> do you think voters get that concept? what you are saying there is not
10:40 am
that much that the white house administration can do at this point? do they get that? >> no, he owns the economy, and you will be judged by how it performs, so -- in some ways, no president has that much control over -- over these much larger global forces, so it's a little bit like a doctor treating a patient. there is really only so much that anyone can do. >> right now the gop is positioned to take fire at the democrats. is there any way for the democrats to fire back and take a stand against the gop for the economic malaise. you weren't particularly supportive of the stimulus, for instance? >> i don't think they will argue past history, but they might say republicans are jeopardizing recovery by plan playing with matches on the debt limit. the treasury secretary, tim geithner, with the help of a lot of people in business, are going to the republican leadership
10:41 am
this week and having meetings with the republican leadership, saying don't play with matches. we know you want to cut the deficit. but this could jeopardize the american economy and risk default of the american economy. and i don't think anybody wants that. but the republicans see this as a moment of leverage, where they can get trillions in cuts, kind of like a chicken. and an interesting coalition between a democratic president and people in the business community, saying you know what? we agree that the deficit has to be cut, but let's not play chicken with the american economy. >> okay. thank you so much. good to see you. prince will cram and his new bride kate middleton joined a day at the races to back the queen's horse, carlton house. the first outing since their honeymoon. the horse came in third.
10:42 am
is he always a winner there. and in tech watch, new apps that help you translate one language to the other. some apps are falling seriously and hilariously short. we take a close look at what's lost in translation. this should be good. and jason williams joins me about what works and what didn't. >> good morning. >> what made you decide to try out these apps? >> i had been seeing them and i was baembarrassed. so i thought i would give it on my last trip to explain. >> there are a number of them. french, german, aria babirabic. >> your kids werehysterical.
10:43 am
like what? >> i was giving it a practice whirl at breakfast one morning. and i said i'm eating in french toast. and it would say i am in need of french toasted. and they were laughing hysterically. go get ready and get dressed for school. oh, all right then. and ready for school. it would just be a bunch of errors. once i got to spain it continue thad way. >> some of the short comings overall, some of the hysterical things, are they helpful? do they work for the most part? >>ly with, th well, they do wor but they are geared toward travel. which is strange, when you go to a rental car counter. i have a reservation for a car for mr. wilson, usually the person at the desk knows that phrase in english. they probably encounter it a dozen times a day.
10:44 am
one wonders how helpful that is. and in deeper conversations, the sin tax and grammar is not always helpful. >> are you worried this will replace teaching spanish, english, french, german, the like in schools? >> i hope not. >> you want better. >> i hope not. i was thinking after i had this app what i really needed to do was enroll in spanish class. there has always been these phrase helpers, whether it's a phrase book or maybe ten or 15 years ago, this thing called quick point where you had a laminated sheet with pictures of different things you could point to. point to pancakes and somebody was supposed to then like fetch it for you. there has always been these kinds of helpers and i don't know. i always wondered -- once you ask the question also, you also have no understand the response and it doesn't really help you very much there. >> well, i can say this.
10:45 am
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not just of your joints, but of the things you love to do. and the longer you live with the aching, swelling, and stiffness, the closer you may be to having your favorite things... taken away from you. but you can take action today. go to for your free joint profile so you can better talk to your rheumatologist about protecting your joints. his prank grabbed national headlines and last night high schooler james tate attended his prom. he was suspended and banned from the teen after he used a school wall to ask out his date in giant cardboard letters. after pressure, the school reconsidered and reversed the ban. his date looks pretty, don't you think. america's obesity problem is spreading to pets.
10:49 am
over half of u.s. dogs and cats are overweight. 20% are considered obese. if you are a new parent, your pet is at a higher risk for being fat. for more, we're joined by patrick mohaney. thank you for joining us. >> hi, alex. thank you for having me today. >> we look at the complications of the results from pet obesity. really similar to the problems of overweight people. they face arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, even cancer. so what are the challenges to keep your pet's diet healthy? >> in general, one of my main recommendations is to make sure that you employ some calorie restriction with your pet if you're feeding commercial dog food, make sure you follow with the guidelines and go with the lower ends of the guidelines and use a metric measuring cup when you feed. make sure you minimize the excess calories on a daily basis through treats and snacks like people food snacks.
10:50 am
>> keep them limited. >> that's the thing. >> what do you do when dogs and cats are whining? >> you play with them. get out social interaction, get them interesting in a toy, take them out for a walk. if you have a cat, get out your laser toy or feather toy. try to reward them with attention instead of calories. >> at the top, pets sharing a home with a new baby are at greater risk. is it more than keeping your dog away from the high chair from the spill over affect? >> i think instead of taking pets for some activity, they shower their pets with love with food. replace that treat with activity. and new husbands or new moms and dads, as you're getting yourself in shape, involve your pet in health process as well. >> how much exercise do cats and dogs need a day? >> they need at least some kind
10:51 am
of -- some period of exercise where they get their heart rate slightly elevated. for dogs, i suggest getting outside, going for a brisk walk. with cats, a little more challenging, using a laser pointer, elevate food balls, take an individual piece of dry food, toss it across the room that your cat has to chase. get them up and moving on a daily basis. >> all good advice. we can't forget about your pets. patrick, thank you so much. >> thanks, alex, for having me. >> glad you were here. famed miracle on the hudson plane has left the building. rolled out of a warehouse in new jersey and headed to a new home, and over a dozen union pacific train cars go off the rails. we'll have that story next, on "msnbc sunday."
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welcome back. let's get stories from across the nation. in eastern kansas, union pacific
10:55 am
cleaning up. 16 cars of a freight train went off the rails, sending cars and cargo in all directions. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. the home of trace adkins has been destroyed by fire. it was located in nashville. the singer was not home at the time. however, his family was, and thankfully they all got out safety. it began in the garage and spread. no word yet on what caused that blaze. the miracle on the hudson plane, making a slow journey to charlotte, north carolina. the u.s. airways jet that landed safely in the hudson in january 2009 is on a giant flat bed trucks. it left new jersey saturday and is being driven on back roads to a north carolina aviation museum. that truck ip is expected to ta about a week. in the next hour, jurors seem to react strongly to recent
10:56 am
forensic evidence introduced in the casey anthony trial. it was a game changer? we'll ask your legal panel. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ [ woman ] we believe everyone should get low prices every day. -[ woman #2 ] every day. -[ man ] on everything. [ man #2 ] on everything. [ man ] and if you happen to find something lower... -we'll match it. -[ woman ] we'll match it. [ man #2 ] we'll match it. [ man #3 ] any ad, any price. right at the register. [ male announcer ] get low prices every day on everything. backed by our ad match guarantee. like a 6-pack of johnsonville bratwurst patties now just $6.98. only at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. only at walmart. male announcer: be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see a whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you.
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it is a searing sunday in the deep south. a live report on the scorching heat, next on "msnbc sunday." plus going with the wind. bouncy houses get carried away with children inside. how frightening is that? and one for the ages. a young boy dares to dream. we approach 11:00 a.m. on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. out west. we have breaking news this morning. gunfire on the border between israel and syria. israeli forces opened fire


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